What YOU Can Do

Be a Spearhead! (Yep, that's supposed to be ironic.) Join us on Monday, March 3, 2003, by producing a public reading of Lysistrata in your community. By becoming part of the Lysistrata Project, you're inspiring community action and communication. MOST CITIZENS OF THE WORLD DON'T WANT WAR! Let's say it loud and clear on 03/03/03.

If there's already a reading scheduled for your city, either decide to produce your own, additional reading (the more, the merrier), or get in touch with the Spearhead and unite your efforts. It's a great way to make a new group of friends.

Ten Steps To Spearhead Your Local Reading:

1. Get a LOCATION*. This reading can be on any scale:
-In a living room with friends
-In a community center or gymnasium
-On the steps of city hall
-In a theatre (03/03/03 is a Monday - dark night)
-In a massive auditorium

2. Pick a time. When will the most people attend?

3. Pick a charity to benefit. The New York City reading benefits MADRE and EPIC. Yours can too, or pick a peace charity that's close to your heart. (Some possibilities listed right here.) You can charge a "suggested donation" admission of any amount, or just pass a hat. As a Spearhead, it's your job to make sure the funds raised at your reading get into the proper hands. We are happy to funnel your checks to MADRE or EPIC if you choose. Regardless of the charity you benefit with your reading, please keep excellent records of the money gathered, so we can accurately report the international impact of the Lysistrata Project to the press.

4. Get a translation of the play that you like. We will post a new translation here soon, plus links to other translations available online. Or, your library should have dozens.

5. Cast the roles. Cast your friends. Cast local celebrities. Cast people that would love the opportunity. Cast theatre critics! Or maybe a national celebrity grew up in your home town -- invite them back to read a role. Or have them send a letter to be read at the event.

6. Get help! In addition to your cast, send an email around asking for volunteers to help you. Keep an email address book of everyone who writes you with interest. You'll be surpised by how many people want to DO SOMETHING, and have been feeling powerless and frustrated about this war. The Lysistrata Project is a great way to form new relationships and work together for the common good. Remember to be inclusive: Find a way for everyone who offers to get involved. Help others realize their dreams.

7a. Make the Project Visible. Send out press releases (printable templates available soon here). Raise a ruckus! Get people there. Posters, fliers, radio interviews, sandwich boards... Get creative with your cast, friends, and volunteers to promote this benefit event so that your voice for peace is heard. We want the media to report this international movement for peace. What will make them show up? Enlist the help of a publicist friend. Make contact with a local representative of your chosen charity, and invite them to get involved personally. Get their mailing lists/emailing lists, and let them help you with publicity.

7b. Even if your publicity efforts are minimal or non-existent, your participation in this event is vital to the international movement. We will include your reading in our press releases. So please don't let "Fear of PR" stop you from producing a reading! Do a small reading in a living room. The collective energy of tiny readings all over the world will be felt. In other words, even if you are short on free time, if you have an hour on 03/03/03, you have time to do this. Okay? Okay.

8. Send us the details of your production so we can include it on our website and in our press releases. Before your reading, all we need to know is your city, state, country, reading location & time, your name, and a contact number and email address. (See Contact page for where to send your info.) After the reading, we just need an Event Summary Report (available soon here).

9. Serve the Story. With a project like this, it's easy to start thinking about what you might get out of it -- or how it might help your career. Practice turning your thoughts back towards what this can do for Peace. The Story here is: Many in this community want peace, not war.

10. Be mindful of resource use. The war on Iraq is, in no small part, a war over oil. Why not take public transportation, a bike, a carpool or a walk to get where you need to go for this event? If you must drive, make sure your tires are properly inflated to optimize fuel efficiency. And while we're on the subject of resources: Recycled paper products for programs and fliers would be an excellent choice.

Have a great time!

Always feel free to call us with any questions. We will provide lots of downloadable goodies to assist you in your efforts. Let us know what else we can do to help you get your reading off the ground.


*If you can secure a location that is insured for the presense of audiences and actors, that would be ideal. Regardless of the location you choose, please post the "At Your Own Risk" sign (available soon on the Publicity Materials page) at the entrance of your space. This sign will let your audience know that the Lysistrata Project, its founders, spearheads and other volunteers are not liable for injury, damage or loss caused by any force before, during or after the event. This is designed to protect everyone from law suits. This is a purely elective, not-for-profit, peaceful gathering -- of course, we don't anticipate any problems. But, accidents sometimes happen. So, please protect yourselves by posting the appropriate signage at the door. Thanks!
Also, make sure you follow all local ordinances and laws when organizing and holding your reading. Lysistrata Project does not endorse illegal activity of any kind. Please keep the safety of actors and audience members as a top priority.