Lysistrata Goes To School

The Lysistrata Project believes it's important to teach our youngsters about peaceful resistance. That’s why we are empowering teachers and students around the globe to join us! We've created a downloadable study guide for use in your classroom.
The Lysistrata Project Study Guide is complete with background information about the play and ways to relate it to our lives today. It focuses on themes such as creatively standing up for what you believe in and the history of non-violent protesting. Included are written assignments and projects for use in your classroom.
And please, don’t forget to register your in-classroom/school reading with our website (email your name, city, state, country, email address, and details to Mark Greene, webmaster) so that you can be included on our Lysistrata Project global effort listing.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Lysistrata Project Education Coordinator, Marcie Sturiale, at

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Download the Study Guide here!


  • A traditional yet "high school-friendly" version of Lysistrata, adapted by Lysistrata Project Education Team member Michaela Hall and Adam Webster (from Adam's full-length version) - Click here to download PDF.
  • A brand new "high school-friendly" MODERN adaptation by Lysistrata Project Education Team member Jennifer Bronder! (The characters are high school students, cheerleaders, athletes, etc.) Choose between a PDF and an MS Word file.
  • Lysistrata for elementary and middle school students (click here to download) - Greek author Sofia Zarambouka has adapted many of Aristophanes' plays into children's stories. Sofia commissioned an exclusive American translation of her youth-friendly play version of Lysistrata just for The Lysistrata Project! In this version, a group of Greek women band together to stop their men from fighting in wars by refusing to go home and take care of their families, so the men are forced to do the "dirty work" until peace is achieved.  Our thanks to Sofia and her translator, Mary Perantakou-Cook, for their contribution to peace!
  • PEACE (another play by Aristophanes) for children aged five to nine years. Published in the U.S. in 1979 by Tee Loftin Publishers, Sofia Zarambouka's children's play version of PEACE tells the story of a Greek farmer who takes it upon himself to reach up to Mt. Olympus in an effort to save his country from war. Irene (the Greek word for peace) is saved by his village's efforts to rescue Irene from the God of War. Sofia and her publisher have generously offered this translation to The Lysistrata Project. Our thanks again to Sofia and Tee Loftin.
  • Templete letter for teachers.

About Lysistrata Project's Education Director:
Marcie Sturiale has been an acting coach and a theatre educator throughout Central New York with such organizations as the Metropolitan School for the Arts, the Central New York Institute for Aesthetic Education, Onondaga Community College, the Syracuse City  School District, and Syracuse Stage.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and Theatre from Oswego State and is a Master's Degree candidate at New York University in Educational Theatre.  Marcie has studied theatre education extensively in the United Kingdom.  She is currently employed by Tony Randall's National Actors Theatre as the Program Director in Education.  She also works on the education programs of RENT, CHICAGO, FLOWER DRUM SONG, and LA BOHEME.