Aquapio Films is making an independent documentary about Lysistrata Project. Michael Kelly ( requests that, if possible, spearheads find someone to videotape part of their reading and/or rehearsals, and conduct informal on-camera interviews with actors, audience members, spearheads, volunteers, etc.

All video formats are welcome, NTSC and PAL, BETA, Digital, Hi 8 -- although mini-DV is ideal.

Here are some interview questions that Mike is interested in having answered on camera:
1) Why did you get involved with this project?
2) What has been your favorite moment in your experience with Lysistrata Project?
3) What are your impressions of co-founders Sharron Bower and Kathryn Blume? Did you know them before this event? If so, how?
4) Has this project changed your perspective on being politically active? If so, how?

THANKS. And please, if you don't have time to track down a volunteer video person, don't sweat it -- we know you have a LOT to organize! If you can take some still photos, Michael might be able to incorporate those into the film.

After the event, please mail a copy of the tape (with cast/crew lists) and/or photos to:
Michael Kelly
50 West 106th Street #15C
New York, NY 10025

Aquapio Films, the creator of the documentary film being made, is responsible for all legal issues that may emerge from said film. Michael Kelly will take responsibility for any union issues that may arise. Lysistrata Project is not affiliated with Aquapio Films, and has no legal or financial attachment to the documentary.