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Read About Uranium 238
("Depleted" Uranium) Munitions Awareness

The Accidental Activist
The acclaimed one-person show by Lysistrata Project Co-Founder Kathryn Blume to run off-Broadway in Fall 2004!

Beaus & Eros
A new musical adaptation of Lysistrata, produced by Lysistrata Project Co-Founder Sharron Bower -- currently in development. Music by HAIR composer Galt MacDermot!


Good News for Women by Katha Pollitt from the January 12, 2004 issue of The Nation
"...Let's break out the champagne for good news around
the world for women in 2003--accomplishments, activism, bold deeds and grounds for hope.
1. Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Peace Prize...
2. Hormone replacement therapy was further debunked...
3. Antiwar activism got a feminist edge. The Lysistrata Project saw 1,029 productions of Aristophanes' hilarious, bawdy comedy performed all over the world on March 3..."

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Are you looking for the other Lysistrata Project? They are an ongoing peace organization for women, whereas this Lysistrata Project was a one-time world-wide theatrical peace event on 03-03-03. We're both working for peace, so please visit their website, too! Thanks.