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The archive of the original Lysistrata Project site is now posted here: http://lysistrataprojectarchive.com/lys

So go have a look at that little piece of history.


So why the Lysistrata Project Archive? I guess it was Donald Rumsfeld’s recent book tour that did it.

Here I was on a winters day in February of 2011, minding my own business, just doing the dishes like millions of other Americans, and suddenly NPR brings me an interview with Donald Rumsfeld about his new book. And Donald gets fifteen minutes to tell me why the War in Iraq was a great and hugely successful idea.

Donald Rumsfeld helps George W. Bush lead our nation into the longest, most costly, most ill conceived two wars in American history, and he gets a book tour.

Hello and welcome to the Lysistrata Project archive. On March 3, 2003 Kathryn Blume and Sharron Bower’s vision for a world wide theatrical protest against the impending war in Iraq culminated in thousands of readings of the play Lysistrata around the world on 03-03-03 just weeks before the onset of the War in Iraq. Since then world events have, I believe, vindicated many who thought that a war in Iraq was a dangerous and ill conceived idea. The number of innocent civilian deaths, military deaths, costs in untold trillions of dollars and the ultimate instability and volatility this conflict has brought to the region, and to the lives of the Iraqi and the American people, proves their original point that the rush to war in Iraq was a bad idea.

Don’t even get me started about how we have empowered Iran and how that, even now in 2011, the Iraqi and Iranian governments are moving every more into alignment. Did I mention $trillions of dollars lost down rabbit holes of corruption? Yeah, I think I did.

As the years have passed, the thousands of members of the world wide community that teamed up to create the Lysistrata Project have gone back to their lives, their jobs and to raising their families. But as these wars drag on, the history of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan includes the voices raised in opposition. And the Lysistrata Project was a powerful part of that movement in the dark days leading up to the War in Iraq. Back in the days when we were being told the war would take six months and  cost $60 billion dollars. Back in the days when we were told we would be welcomed as liberators. Back in the days when we were told Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Back in those days.

As Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and countless others publish their memoirs and write their revisionist versions of history, it is important to me that the Lysistrata Project’s place in history also be documented and kept alive. My hope is that participants will come here and add their stories to this site.

The original Lysistrata Project website was hosted under the domain LysistrataProject.com. That domain name, sadly, was taken over by spammers and now hosts a strange Lysistrata wordpress site with links to an online casino. So now we have a new domain: www.lysistrataprojectarchive.com. Yes, even longer than the original domain, but what can you do?

As the third wheel on the original Lysistrata Project, (I’m the guy who designed the original logo and manned the website construction, did some strategy and press relations way back when) I’ve decided to create a new blog and archive for the files I still have. Over time, I hope that original participants from across the world (including Kathryn, Sharron and Jen) will post their recollections and experiences from the efforts leading up to 03-03-03 and their thoughts going forward about the power of theater in the face of the devastation of war.

Furthermore, as the War in Iraq continues (despite President Obama’s suggestion that it is “over” we are still funding thousands of State Department employees and contractors) and the War in Afghanistan rages on, its seems appropriate to revisit the process and the motivations that led to the original Lysistrata Project and perhaps consider new ways to revitalize the effort to end the longest wars in US history.


Mark Greene


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